Ilosaarirock Clocks 15

Seemingly unmoved by the amount of traffic passing through the Finnish market, Ilosaarirock Festival sold out for the 15th time in succession.

It was cause for a double celebration as the event was also celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Ilosaarirock’s in the student town of Joensuu, in North Karelia, which is too far north to be affected by whatever international acts are passing through the capital city of Helsinki.

It’s a rich catchment area and has the University of Eastern Finland, which has more than 15,000 students on its doorstep.

This year’s gathering also benefited from warm and sunny weather, although in summer rain seems to bypass the area.

“There was a threat of a rain and thunder but it didn’t come our way. Lake Pyhäselkä is a great help to us because the weather usually goes around it,” explained festival executive director Markku Pyykkönen.

The acts helping to keep Ilosaarirock on a roll July 15-17 included Madness, Kate Nash, Aphex Twin, Buzzcocks, Michael Monroe, Von Hertzen Brothers, Kvelertak, and several top Finnish acts.