Roberts Stadium Mothballed

The ongoing debate of what to do with the aging, 12,252-capacity Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Ind., has led city officials to shutter the venue for now.

The Evansville Park Board voted to close the 55-year-old building of Sept. 18 until a more clear solution to its future is found. The cost to maintain the facility during its mothball status could be as much as $300,000 a year.

Construction of a new $127 million, 11,000-capacity downtown arena scheduled to open in November started the debate about Roberts Stadium’s future. The old facility reportedly needs repairs to the roof, air conditioning and other areas along with general maintenance.

Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel had reportedly supported a proposal to tear down the arena and develop the site as a baseball and softball complex but public opposition scuttled that plan.

What happens next will be up to the next mayor as Weinzapfel isn’t seeking re-election in November.