Cajundome Repairs Complete

The Cajundome’s operations director says permanent bracing at weak points in the outer walls is done, 13 months ahead of schedule and $50,000 under budget.

Phil Ashurst told The Advocate the arena’s good for another 50 or 75 years.

Where support beams had reinforced weak points since late 2008, steel plates are now bolted together on both sides of the wall. Ashurst said the original construction was inadequate.

He said the low bid was $1.7 million and total costs about $1.65 million, including new sidewalks and other additional repairs.

As for schedule, J.B. Mouton Inc. began a year ago with an 18-month deadline, and finished in seven months.

The state paid the $1.2 million original estimated cost. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette paid the rest.