Musicians Blackmailed For Charity

Musicians are being emotionally blackmailed into working for charity, according to a motion that will come under discussion at the Trades Union Congress in London Sept. 12-14.

The Musicians’ Union will press the annual policy-making gathering to back a move to give people a choice on whether they work for free.

The motion says it’s “extremely unfair to put professional musicians into a situation where they are emotionally blackmailed into working for no fee and are asked to give their services to a good cause.”

It says this is “particularly unjust” when others associated with the event, such as venue staff, lawyers and caterers, are being paid.

The union will also discuss internships, in response to a motion from its own junior members who say they don’t pay a decent rate.

The motion says it is unfair for interns, who are often employed full time, not to be paid the going rate for the work they do.