TM Retesting Resale Links

Ticketmaster is taking steps to integrate the primary and secondary ticketing markets by offering clients a new option to participate in ticket resales by linking between Ticketmaster and its subsidiary resale site, TicketsNow.

Of course, this isn’t exactly the first time the company has connected the dots between primary and secondary. In a blog post TM CEO Nathan Hubbard explained that Ticketmaster has ironed out previous kinks to build a “consumer experience that is absolutely transparent and fan-friendly.”

The company got raked over the coals in 2009 when it linked between Ticketmaster and TicketsNow during a high-demand onsale for Bruce Springsteen tickets in New Jersey.

Fans who inadvertently purchased marked-up tickets from TicketsNow, mistakenly believing they were purchasing from the initial sale, were outraged and TM later settled with the state to clear up the mess. Ticketmaster also announced at the time that it would remove the option to redirect fans to the TicketsNow site without the consent of the artist and the venue.

Now, it appears that with enhanced messaging on its websites, Ticketmaster feels confident enough to retest the waters. Moving forward, if a fan’s search on the Ticketmaster site ends up on a “No Tickets Found” page, participating TM clients will now have the option to link to TicketsNow. Hubbard noted consumers will be reminded several times during the process that they are being redirected to a resale marketplace.

“As a result, fans will now have a safe and convenient place to see the full range of options and buy the ticket that is right for them,” he wrote. “Brokers and fans, in turn, will have a safe and targeted place to resell tickets. And, our clients can, for the first time, participate in the revenue and the customer data from the resale marketplace so they can get to know everyone that is coming to the event.”