30 Years On The Oz Frontier

Australian concert promoter Michael Gudinski and the Frontier Touring Co. are celebrating a major milestone with the publication of “Every Poster Tells A Story! 30 Years of The Frontier Touring Co.”

The beautiful 284-page coffee table book contains reproductions of posters for nearly every show done by Frontier over the last three decades.

Like many new promoters, Frontier focused on a new form of music, alternative rock, which was not yet on the radar of the era’s established promoters. It was Ian and Miles Copeland who sold the new entrepreneurs their first shows with two early 1980 tours of Australia by Squeeze and The Police.

The Copelands also blessed the company in another way. They embraced the Frontier Touring Co. name rather than object to it because of its similarity to their Frontier Booking International agency.

That’s not to say that Miles Copeland loved Australia. Most people do but he absolutely hated being in Oz for those early tours, and according to Gudinski, spent the entire trip moaning and whining. Frontier has since done four more Police tours and five by Sting and all of them have been a Miles-free zone.

There were originally nine partners in Frontier. In addition to Gudinski and still-current partner Frank Stivala, the other partners once included notable names in today’s concert business ranging from promoters Michael Chugg and Philip Jacobsen to manager Glenn Wheatley and agent Sam Righi.

Surviving 30 years is no small feat, and as Pollstar approaches its own 30th anniversary, we congratulate Michael and all the other wild-eyed characters that make the Aussie concert scene a treat for any artist that ventures downunder.