Authorities Shut Down TV Talent Show

One of China’s most popular TV shows, the American Idol-style “Super Girl,” has been canceled by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

The authorities claim the show violates regulations about how many talent shows are allowed on the air during prime time.

The show has been a steady ratings winner since it debuted in 2004, and several of its contestants over the years are now major recording stars in China.

“Super Girl” originated on Hunan Satellite TV, a provincial-level channel that belongs to one of China’s biggest television networks.

A representative told the Xinhua news agency that authorities have accused the channel of violating broadcasting rules that specifically ban talent shows during prime-time on local satellite TV.

In addition, the rule, implemented in 2007, restricts broadcasts of such shows to two hours a day, the reason being that young people are thought to spend too much time watching them.

It is the time-limit condition that Hunan TV is said to have violated.