Rain Sues Promoter

Though he recently left for boot camp to fulfill his mandatory national military service in the South Korean army, pop singer Rain still managed to file a 4 billion won ($3.5 million) compensation claim against a concert promoter.

At issue is a 2007 concert tour set up by Wellmade Star M that included stops in Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Toronto.

When Rain canceled the Hawaii portion of the tour, local promoter Click Entertainment sued him, JYP Entertainment, Star M Entertainment and Revolution Entertainment for breach of contract and fraud. Click says it lost $1.5 million from the cancellation.

Two years later, a Honolulu federal jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff for a total of $8 million in damages. Several months later Rain and Click settled the case to the court’s satisfaction.

Other dates on the tour were also canceled and in 2009 Wellmade Star M tried to sue Rain and JYPE in 2009 for $4 million in damages for breach of contract, but last year a Seoul court threw the case out.

With the new suit, Rain seeks to recover the money he paid in the Hawaii case as well as damages for his bruised reputation.