Robin Gibb Recovering

Robin Gibb says he’s “now on the road to recovery,” following his most recent trip to the hospital and media reports that he’s been diagnosed with liver cancer.

The Bee Gees singer hasn’t acknowledged his alleged cancer but posted a statement on his website Nov. 23 saying that he had been “very unwell.”

“I wish to thank my family, friends, fans and the many thousands of people who do not know me but have enjoyed Bee Gees music who have wished me well. I am very touched by your love, kindness and support. This concern from people all over the world has demonstrated the depth of feeling and love that the Bee Gees have achieved over the years.

“It is humbling and I take your prayers and good wishes for my health very seriously. I have been very unwell and am now on the road to recovery, and your prayers and wishes are a great tonic to me. I believe because of you I will get well and my deepest love goes out to you all. Robin xxxx”

The Sunday Mirror reported Nov. 20 that the 61-year-old is fighting liver cancer.

Gibb was rushed to the hospital Nov. 15 and then released after five hours. The month before that Gibb announced on his website that he had been admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, to undergo tests for abdominal pain and to be treated for inflammation of the colon.

In early April Gibb canceled a Brazil tour because of abdominal pain. Last year he underwent surgery for a blocked intestine.

The Daily Mail reports that when Gibb’s “old record company boss” David English and the singer’s brother/bandmate Barry came to visit Robin after his Nov. 15 hospital stay, the two Bee Gees starting talking about touring again.

“Barry came out with it and said: ‘Look, why don’t we go on the road again?’ And Rob just grinned and said: ‘Great, when can we go?’” English said, according to The Daily Mail.

“We said ‘Well, we need to get you a bit stronger and better first, we will have to feed you up, none of this vegan nonsense with herbal tea. I think it was the best medicine we could have given him,’” English added.

The British tabloid says that Robin’s wife Dwina, an ordained druid, thinks the best cure is 20-minute daily sessions in a detox hut along with a type of meditation referred to as Native American “spider medicine.”