Pitbull Late In India

An eagerly anticipated concert by Pitbull Dec. 2 at a club in Noida, India, didn’t turn out as his fans hoped.

The American hip-hop performer was to start his set at 11 p.m. but didn’t actually begin until 1:30 a.m.

At that point, the “thousands of fans” who crowded the club had been waiting, some more than three hours, in stifling circumstances, according to the Times of India.

Though many enjoyed the show, not a few people vented their anger to the Times with regard to the organizer and even the performer himself.

The stated reason for the delay was technical problems. Organizers said “the artist and his band were not happy with the sound quality.”

Some fans wondered why the show wasn’t held in a larger venue, or even outdoors.

“There were thousands of people packed into the club,” said one fan who arrived at 9 p.m. “It got very stuffy and was horribly uncomfortable.”

Because of the delay, a lot of fans also felt that Pitbull didn’t perform as long as he could have if he started on time. Some fans said that the tickets “weren’t cheap.”

“Ultimately I enjoyed the music,” said a man who traveled a good distance to see the show. “It wasn’t very well organized but Pitbull did belt out his most popular songs. I just wish the organizers would actually stop to think about the fan who comes all the way for a concert and then is told the artist will be late because the sound quality is not up to mark.”