ILMC: Armageddon And Beyond

Have ticket-sellers invented a ticket that triggers a lethal germ the moment it’s resold?

Maybe humanity will perish in the crowd crush we cause when we rush to offer all our worldly goods for the last pair of tickets to a show that doesn’t exist?

Perhaps it’ll be revealed that Live Nation isn’t a publicly traded corporation based in the U.S. but actually another planet.

Perhaps the plan was to land disguised as humans and then spend a decade or so infiltrating their way to total control.

The end of the world is nigh (or at least likely to happen in the next three months), according to the announcement marking the countdown to ILMC 24.

Those who survive whatever holocaust or global (financial) meltdown that’s about to befall us can experience “the landscape of the post-apocalyptic world” in “the ruins of the once-proud Royal Garden Hotel” March 8-11.

What happens between now and then is anyone’s guess, but the upshot is that “rabid zombies and deadly terminators” will be soon be stalking the streets.

So far, no panelists have been named, presumably because the organisers don’t want to count their soon-to-be-mutated chickens regarding who will survive the onrushing Armageddon.

This time, ILMC stands for the “International League to Mend Civilisation,” which suggests there might be hours of debate on the fact many of the industry’s business models are broken – what needs to be done to fix them.

Registration for next spring’s conference opened at Dec. 5.