Virgin Baggage Deal Kicks In

The deal struck in September by the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) and Virgin Australia over excess baggage allowance for musicians has now kicked in.

According to Virgin, the new rules apply only to members of state music associations, as well as to Live Performance Australia, the Musicians Union of Australia, the Country Music Association of Australia and Folk Alliance.

Virgin’s offer allows each musician 32kg of three pieces of checked baggage, with an additional 32kg able to be purchased in advance for $15. Musicians can also pool their allowance with other members of their party.

The Virgin deal kicked off just as classical musician Tor Fromyhr complained that staff of rival Qantas forced him to carry a 19th century Italian-made Degani violin worth more than $200,000 without its protective case between Canberra and Brisbane. There were no problems on his return flight.