Touring In Germany.Com

The country’s major promoters’ association has teamed with a law firm to develop a web portal that will make touring Germany a whole lot easier.

The BDV (“Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft”) and Hamburg-based lawyer Michow&Partner will develop the site to provide information on at least 250 tour and festival promoters, artist agents and artists managers.

It will also contain listings of NGOs, specialist music magazines and where to get advice on various business and legal matters.

Other specialist info will include a rundown on German withholding tax, as well as German social security, work permits and the country’s various royalty collection societies.

“The information is designed for all those either seeking to capture the German live entertainment market or those who would just like sound facts and figures to build on the superficial knowledge that is widely circulating,” explained Michow & Partner chief Jens Michow.

“An increasing number of international unaccompanied artists independently seeking to enter the German market are using tour promoters, agents and managers from their home countries.

“Lacking knowledge of German law, most try to pass all conceivable legal obligations on to a German partner. That is all well and good when the latter fulfils the obligations assumed, but if they fail to do so, international artists or their tour promoters remain liable with respect to the German revenue authorities.”

The new site is at