Nickelback Fights Back

Nickelback, otherwise known as the band haters (or self-righteous music lovers) love to hate, has finally heard one too many insults. Over the weekend the band’s official Twitter account sent out tweets responding to all of the mean Twitter trolls who tried to hurt the band’s feelings.

Whoever is manning the Canadian rock band’s Twitter account wasn’t afraid to send the put-downs right back at the haters.

After a Twitter user named @abbyjensen4 wrote, “Nickelback makes me want to chop my ears off #worstbandever,” the band sent out the following tweet: “Did you do it yet? What’s the holdup?”

Most of Nickelback’s responses were more silly or sarcastic. After a Twitter user named @haibryan wrote, “Is Nickelback still making music?” the band wrote “no, we’ve taken up clogging.”

A Twitter user named @simetradon wrote, “was driving down the street, and a @Nickelback song came on. I had an aneurism and violently shit myself at the same time. And my dog died.” Nickelback’s sick burn was: “I bet it was the best day you’ve had in awhile. #yourwelcome.”

A few Twitter users brought their moms into the drama. A girl named @longjenna wrote, “My mom called to offer me Nickelback tickets so I hung up on her.” The band’s response: “because you already got them….. #soclever”

Here’s another gem from a Twitter user named @AJJussil: “That awkward moment when your mom likes both coldplay AND nickelback. if she listens to creed ill have to kill her.” Nickelback took that one in stride by writing, “Way to go, Mom. Atta girl.”

Nickelback also complained that some of the haters weren’t clever enough.

After @ladyggfigg wrote, “Nicholas Cage is the Nickelback of actors,” the band wrote, “that one’s a little stale. Try harder next time.” A Twitter user named @SloanieGaines simply wrote “@Nickelback retire.” In response, the band said, “you’re trying too hard. Get it together and make it count.”

The band acknowledged that having tons of haters isn’t always a bad thing. After a fan pointed out, “You know you guys are doing something right when you have all these haters,” the band wrote back, “We feel the same way. When people don’t care is when you’re in trouble.”

Last weekend’s Twitter fun isn’t the first time Nickelback has responded to its detractors. Back in November the group recorded a video with Funny Or Die to address the online petition protesting the band’s halftime performance at the Detroit Lion’s Thanksgiving Day game. 

After The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney told Rolling Stone that “rock ‘n’ roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world,” Nickelback sent out a tweet Jan. 12 saying, “Thanks to the drummer in the Black Keys calling us the Biggest Band in the World in Rolling Stone. Hehe.”
To send out your own tweet to the band, click here for Nickelback’s Twitter page.