Shuttered Stadium Costs Continue

Maintenance fees for the shuttered Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Ind., keep ticking up and officials are getting antsy to decide the fate of the venue.

Roberts Stadium closed in September, but has already rung up more than $73,000 in fees for electricity, custodial services, insurance, gas and supplies, according to the local Courier Press.

In the time since the closure, the building has also apparently become a target for vandals, sprung leaks in its ceiling and even flooded when a sump pump failed.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke told the paper the fate of the stadium needs to be decided “well before” the end of the year.

“Simply put, the longer we take in making a decision, the more money we’re spending on nothing,” Winnecke said.

Several meetings have been scheduled to allow for public input on the matter, which will then be taken up by a local task force.