Rupp Spruced Up

Jim Gray, mayor of Lexington, Ky., recently unveiled a rendering of the renovated interior of the city’s hallowed basketball grounds, Rupp Arena.

The conceptual drawing includes a sleeker look, more seating and an eight-sided scoreboard over the middle of the basketball court.

The renovation of the home of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball teams has been estimated to cost between $110 million and $130 million. The design replaces the outer industrial skin of the arena with glass, incorporates a new scoreboard, adds lower arena and premium seats and opens an entrance off Triangle Park.

In addition, it would include a rebuilt upper level with chair-back seats, bigger concourses and more restrooms.

Gray said the glass was added to the design “to encourage the energy inside to flow into the outdoor plaza where … video screens will engage outside fans.”

“This is a big project,” he said at a speech at Lexington Forum. “Don’t think you can snap your fingers and it will happen overnight. We are at step three of a 10-step process.”