DMX Sued For Failed Tour

Booking agency Heavy Rotation has filed a $630,000 lawsuit against DMX, claiming it could be on the hook because the rapper failed to meet his contractual obligations on a failed comeback tour.

Heavy Rotation claims it struck a yearlong, exclusive booking agreement with DMX, but he wasn’t able to perform at various concerts worldwide, according to TMZ. X, on the other hand, claims the booking agency made some bad business deals and the rapper severed ties because of it.

According to the lawsuit, DMX, who has had his share of troubles recently, foiled plans for the worldwide tour because of a traffic violation and two nasty child support disputes that led to a lien on X’s passport, which prevented him from touring abroad, TMZ said. The tour was to begin in Germany.

The company claims it spent nearly $100,000 to bail DMX out of the liens and other legal bills, but DMX began using a management company that tried to double-book the performer.

HR claims a total financial loss of $749,285.