Curb Gets McGraw Trial Postponement

Curb Records was recently granted a request by the Court of Nashville to postpone its lawsuit against Tim McGraw so that it can gather further evidence against the singer.

Curb was denied a preliminary injunction in November to stop McGraw from signing with another label. The record company claims McGraw did not complete his contractual obligations, yet the singer signed with Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Records in May.

Curb says McGraw is still under contract and is questioning the veracity of McGraw’s claims that 20 new tracks have already been recorded under the Big Machine label. Curb wants to see if those tracks were actually recorded while under contract. An appellate court is also expected to review the ruling to deny the injunction.

A McGraw representative released a statement that Curb’s public announcement of this decision should not be construed as a victory.

“The Court’s only ruling was to postpone, at the request of Curb, the trial as to damages claimed by Mr. McGraw and by Curb,” the statement said. “There was no ruling about anything else, and specifically there was no ruling regarding the substance of either party’s claims in the lawsuit. The Court’s ruling did not affect, in any way, Mr. McGraw’s relationship with Big Machine Records.”