Die!Die!Die! Hits Road, With Changes

Die! Die! Die! is hitting the road until March, taking in Australia, Europe and North America.

The band is armed with a new bassplayer, Michael Logie (The Mint Chicks, F In Math, Opossom) replacing longtime bassist Lachlan Anderson. The band is also armed with a new vengeance after surviving a turbulent period.

It included the Auckland-based trio wondering whether to continue after recording an album they were not happy with and dissatisfaction with Flying Nun Records, which released their 2010 album Form.

“Michael (Prain, drummer) and I had been doing music since we were 14 without a break,” admitted singer and guitarist Andrew Wilson. But new manager Manu Taylor “saved this band.”

Taylor encouraged them to re-record the album Harmony, which was released in New Zealand this month. He also set up their own label Records Etc.

The act has signed with Red Eye in the U.S., Inertia in Australia and Golden Antenna in Europe.