Macca Paid A Quid For Olympic Show

Paul McCartney was paid 1 pound for his show at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony July 27, according to The Guardian.

The UK broadsheet also revealed that Mike Oldfield, Dizzee Rascal and Emeli Sande were among those to have accepted the same token figure.

They played to tens of thousands at the new Olympic Stadium but the paper claimed they’d originally agreed to do it for free.

A fee of £1 (or $1.57) was eventually agreed in order to make the contract binding.

The Guardian calculated that the all-star group collectively earned less than 1/20 the cost of the cheapest ticket. The priciest tickets went for £2,012 ($3,155).

Many of the thousands of performers in the pageant were paid a professional wage, apparently including the stuntman who impersonated the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter.