ILMC Goes Back

The always-creative marketing department at the International Live Music Conference has found that the ILMC acronym describes the London event in more ways than one, with this year’s theme being “Institute for Limitless Movement in Chronology.”

The theme for the conference’s 25th anniversary involves us imagining London’s Royal Gardens Hotel is a time machine, which will transport us back through a quarter of a century of ILMC history.

Never mind that the movement in chronology isn’t exactly “limitless,” as in the last two years ILMC-goers have been whisked back to a prehistoric age and also zapped beyond Armageddon.

Traveling back beyond 25 years, which is a mere Sunday drive compared to those two previous ILMCs, may still be possible via what the press release describes as a “Time Zone” entertainment machine.

The panels and sessions will apparently look at the current issues affecting the industry, as well as “some old favourites and surprises from years gone by.”

ILMC’s déjà vu experience is at London’s Royal Gardens Hotel March 8-10.