Promoters Threaten
Lil Louis Lawsuit

Australian promoter Boom Boom announced it is taking action against Chicago house DJ/producer Lil Louis for failing to play three shows in July.

Boom Boom set up a website called “Who Is Lil Louis?” on which it revealed emails, paperwork and travel schedules of the tour.

When canceling the visit, Boom Boom cited a delay in his takeoff from Chicago due to an electrical storm, and Air Canada losing his vinyl records and belongings during a Toronto stop-over.

Now, Boom Boom contends no lost luggage claim number can be found and that the DJ (real name Marvin Burns) could have made it to the shows in time.

The promoters want their $12,000 advance returned.

“Currently we have our legal council in the USA who are pressing legal charges against Marvin Burns,” Boom Boom said.