Williams’ Warrant Hat Trick

Katt Williams continues to blaze a trail across the West Coast – not on the road, but in the courts, where he earned three arrest warrants in one week.

During that time, Williams was arrested in California on a felony warrant and had two new warrants issued for his arrest for failing to appear in court in Seattle.

Williams was arrested Dec. 8 in Dunnigan, Calif., by Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies, acting on an arrest warrant issued in Sacramento on felony charges of evading officers and driving a three-wheeled motorcycle in a reckless manner on a public sidewalk. He posted bail and was released the same day, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Witnesses told the paper he almost hit five pedestrians on his urban off-road adventure Nov. 25.

Back in Seattle, where Williams is accused of threatening a manager at the World Sports Grille with a pool cue, flicking a lighted cigarette into a woman’s face and throwing a rock at her vehicle before wrestling with police officers.

He missed a Dec. 5 court hearing where he was to face charges of assault, harassment and obstruction of justice.  His attorney suggested he has a “medical issue,” according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The hearing was postponed a week. And come Dec. 12, Williams was still nowhere to be found, and a second warrant was issued in the case.

The warrants aren’t enough to get Williams extradited from California, according to the paper, but state authorities could arrest him should he return to Washington.