Sentencing Postponed
For Fake Promoter

Sentencing has been postponed for a 63-year-old Cedar Falls, Iowa, man convicted of fraud for trying to collect money for a bogus charity concert.

Dennis Leahy was convicted in August of misdemeanor fraud. Police say Leahy asked an organization to set up a charity fundraising concert at McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo, even though the auditorium had not been reserved for such a concert. Charities Leahy had said would benefit hadn’t agreed to participate.

Police say Leahy continued handing out flyers and trying to sell tickets after being advised to stop.

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports ( that Leahy was scheduled to go before a judge on Monday for sentencing. But Leahy, who represented himself during the trial, requested an attorney, prompting the judge to postpone his sentencing until Dec. 28.