Thin Lizzy Members Announce Brand New Band

Thin Lizzy vocalist Ricky Warwick, guitarist Scott Gorham, guitarist Damon Johnson and bassist Marco Mendoza will be busy making music in 2013 under a new name – Black Star Riders. The band plans to make its live debut next summer.

Black Star Riders will also feature drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who has worked with Alice Cooper, Megadeth, David Lee Roth and Suicidal Tendencies. According to an announcement on Thin Lizzy’s Facebook page, the group will not feature Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey because he “didn’t want to commit to the touring cycle a new album would entail.” Keyboardist/vocalist Darren Wharton is also not involved with the new band because he “wanted to concentrate on Dare and other music and film projects.”

Black Star Riders plans to record its debut album in January, featuring tunes written while touring as Thin Lizzy. The group said that fans can expect the sound to retain “the classic feel” of the Irish rock band while also being “very much its own.” Look out for the album to be released in May on Nuclear Blast. 

As far as Black Star Riders’ touring plans, the band says it will be making appearances at European festivals followed by worldwide touring. In addition to tunes from the new album, the setlist will also include Thin Lizzy material.

Black Star Riders’ official website will be active beginning Dec. 24. The web address is simply

Click here for the band’s Facebook page.