Movie Tix Swell In 2012

Like the rising costs of concert tickets, movie admission prices continue to increase year after year, often leading to record revenues for the movie biz.

But while film revenues did indeed hit a record in 2012 at $10.8 billion, the movie industry had something even bigger to celebrate.

For the first time in three years, the number of movie tickets sold increased, with ticket sales projected to reach 1.36 billion by Dec. 31, according to

Movie ticket sales bottomed out in 2011 – the lowest since 1995 – at 1.29 billion, and some experts chalked up the decline to the lack of good flicks at the box office.

Perhaps the curse was broken in 2012, with movies including “The Avengers,” “The Dark Night Rises” and “Skyfall” all grossing around $1 billion or more worldwide.

Overseas ticket sales seem to be a big part of the equation, as some films saw two to three times as much business overseas as they did in the States for the year.