Fake Promoter Sentenced

A Cedar Falls, Iowa, resident has been sentenced for trying to collect money for a bogus charity concert.

Dennis Leahy, 63, was convicted of misdemeanor fraud in August. Leahy allegedly approached nonprofits like Boy Scouts of America, Salvation Army and Knights of Columbus to put on charity concerts, but was rejected.

Police say he asked an organization to set up a charity fundraising concert at McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo, even though the venue had not been reserved. Charities Leahy had said would benefit hadn’t agreed to participate.

Police say they advised Leahy to stop trying to sell tickets and handing out flyers, but Leahy refused.

Leahy faces two years in prison. He was scheduled to go before a judge Dec. 17 for sentencing but requested an attorney, prompting the judge to postpone his sentencing until Dec. 28.

However, Leahy arrived without counsel, and Judge Nathan Callahan said Leahy was given enough to secure an attorney, according to the WCF Courier. The judge noted Leahy had been diagnosed with a mental issue but had not taken steps to remedy it.

“I know you don’t know what’s going on,” Callahan reportedly said. “I understand that. All I can tell you is the courts have made it quite clear that regardless of how poor a decision it may be on your part, when you choose to go without a lawyer, that is your choice, not mine.”

He was given a suspended 1-year sentence, two years probation and a fine of $2,225 plus 35 percent surcharge.