Crossroads Arena Funding Cut

Officials in Corinth, Miss., recently engaged in some administrative housekeeping, firing all seven members of a local tourism board for ignoring line items on an allocation to the city’s Crossroads Arena.

A local supercommittee voted 9-1 Jan. 2 to remove all members of the Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, apparently upset the board failed to comply with the supercommittee’s budget that cut $250,000 from the arena.

Ward 1 Alderman Andrew Labas, who made the motion to remove the board, told the local Daily Journal he “no longer (had) confidence in that board” because of its “intentional overspending on some line items.”

Two of the seven previous members were reportedly renamed to serve on the board a few days later, along with other new members.

The board’s executive director, Kristy White, and project coordinator, Karen Beth Martin, both tendered their resignations following the incident, the Journal said.