New Year’s Nightmare

A promoter of after-hours warehouse parties in the New York borough of Brooklyn has taken rapper Cam’ron’s crew to task, claiming he was taken for thousands of dollars during a New Year’s Eve no-show.

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Lou Galluch apparently made an agreement to book the rapper for $8,000 through friends who told him they would “middle man the deal,” the promoter told the Village Voice.

Unfortunately, things seemed to take a turn before the agreement could get off the ground. For starters, “the main guy who was negotiating the deal” had to leave the city to handle “some family stuff,” according to Galluch.

That meant dealing instead with Cam’ron’s DJ, Moe Sticky. Galluch said he agreed to pay one-fourth of the guarantee up front and asked Sticky to bring him signed contracts from the rapper.

When Sticky showed up sans contracts the day before New Year’s Eve, Galluch claims he was convinced by his friends to hand over the cash.

The night of the show, Sticky arrived and asked for the remainder of the cash, assuring Gallach that Cam’ron was in the car. The promoter told the Voice he asked if the rapper could wait another hour for the warehouse to fill up before taking the stage and handed over $2,000 cash.

“So he leaves, the place packs the fuck out, it’s packed out,” Galluch said. “It is 4:30 a.m., I have no DJs booked because it’s Cam’ron’s set, he never showed up. I’m calling, I’m texting, I’m freaking out. I had to tell the door guy to give people their money back. I had a sliding scale door, we didn’t know how much people paid, it was a nightmare.”

Galluch, who claims to have lost $7,000, said Sticky told him the following day “Cam just wanted to go home and go to sleep, he was too tired,” adding that the promoter might get $1,000 back, but he “wasted Cam’s time.”

When the Voice contacted Sticky for his side of the story, he naturally recounted a different version of events.

Sticky told the paper Galluch shorted him $1,000 from the agreed-upon deposit of $4,000. As for the contracts, the DJ said it was Galluch who dragged his feet and failed to sign the documents.

The night of the show, “he didn’t have the money, it was an empty venue,” Sticky said. “He was supposed to give us the rest of the money before Cam played. He said he only had 2k and wanted him to wait until 4:30.

“You can’t do that, man, this is business. I’ve never seen that in my life. I’ve been doing this for years, I ain’t never seen that before … he’s a fake promoter.”

Galluch told the Voice he wouldn’t have continued handing over money to Sticky without a contract if he’d met him through “weird means.”

“I met him through guys who are respected around the city, and they kept telling me he was legit,” he said.

Galluch is reportedly considering holding a benefit to help recoup some of his losses.