Nevada Live Show Tax Redo?

Nevada state Assembly and Senate tax committees are discussing how to simplify the current live entertainment tax law, and define live entertainment, to increase how much revenue it brings in.

The tax is reportedly projected to bring in about $282 million in the next two years.

Under the current law, outdoor concerts are exempt depending on where they take place – such as casino parking lots – and if proceeds go to a nonprofit group.

Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Festival, which reportedly drew about 100,000 over three nights to Las Vegas Motor Speedway last summer, is exempt. So are NASCAR races, baseball games, trade shows and restaurant live entertainment that is primarily in the background and free of charge.

The abundance of exemptions in the law, its varied descriptions and who collects the revenue from whom are areas that need clarification.

“How hard is it just to get rid of all of them and start over?” Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick asked. “Based on this you can’t watch someone do dog tricks in the mall.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to explain to folks how it works.”