Girl Burned At Soundwave

A teenage girl suffered severe burns to her arm after a flare was let off in the moshpit midway through Bring Me The Horizon‘s set.

The incident took place Feb. 24, at the second stop of the hard rock Soundwave festival, in Sydney, with about 75,000 in attendance at Sydney Olympic Park.

It was reported that the flare burned some plastic, which then fell on the girl and injured some others.

Eyewitnesses claimed a second flare was let off, which landed on the stage.

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah appealed to audience members to identify the culprit, tweeting that the flare had “disfigured” the girl, who was treated at the festival and advised to go to a hospital. The girl has since cleared things up on her Tumblr account (which includes some photos of the damage), writing, “I AM NOT DISFIGURED. IT WAS MY SHOULDER. NOT MY FOREARM. IT WAS NOT MELTED PLASTIC. IT WAS THE FLARE ITSELF.” 

It was not the only drama in Sydney for Soundwave, which this year with Metallica as headliner established itself as the largest Australian festival, drawing 270,000 at five stops.

A convoy of trucks transporting equipment from the first show in Brisbane was delayed 10 hours due to flooding.

Paramore agreed to change its timeslot and went on to play. Garbage did not perform, blaming Maddah, but the promoter insisted the band refused to change its timeslot.

No less than five drummers from different bands pulled out in the final week.

Aside from Blink 182‘s Travis Barker (fear of flying), the other missing drummers were Charlie Benante of Anthrax (“personal issues”), The Vandals‘ Josh Freese (obligations in the United States), Dave Lombardo of Slayer (financial dispute with band) and Kevin Talley of Six Feet Under (dirtbike mishap).