Valentine Prizes For Exit Lovers

Couples who buy tickets for Serbia’s Exit Festival between Feb. 14 and March 8 will get free camping and the chance to win other prizes including a night in the honeymoon suite of one of Novi Sad’s luxury hotels.

Couples responding to the marketing campaign that started on Valentine’s Day will be entered into a prize drawing with a chance to win one of five intimate dinners at one of the city’s best restaurants.

Other prizes include what the marketing blurb describes as “10 special Exit lovers kits.” At press time it wasn’t possible to find out exactly what these kits contain.

This year the festival’s more serious side, or its political and cultural efforts, will focus on how the young people of Serbia can shape the country’s future.

“Exit is a small fire of hope for youth over here. We can’t allow that fire to be put out because afterwards there would be nothing left,” said festival co-founder Ivan Milivojev.

The (R)evolution slogan for Exit 2013 is intended to show that the country that in 2000 got rid of leader Slobodan Miloševic now needs to focus on growing into the wider European community.

While the original Exit was conceived as a challenge to Miloševic’s authority, the modern festival aims to address the unhappy legacy of the wars associated with his leadership.

Each year the event takes on a new social or cultural theme, having previously protested Europe’s Shengen rules that prevents all but the richest of young Serbs from traveling abroad.

On another occasion it dubbed itself “The Independent State Of Exit.”

The acts on this year’s Exit (July 10-14), which has expanded from four to five days, include Atoms For Peace, DJ Fresh Live, Friction & MC Linguistics, SKisM, The Prototypes, Inspector Dubplate, Brookes Brothers and Dub Phizix & MC Strategy.