Pickler Drummer Recovering

Kellie Pickler’s drummer, Gregg Lohman, continues to recover from an auto accident that left six dead March 2.

Lohman was one of five people hospitalized in two crashes that happened within minutes at the same spot on Interstate 65 in central Kentucky.

According to Pickler manager Larry Fitzgerald, Lohman suffered serious injuries in the wreck and was listed in serous condition at University of Louisville Hospital.

Lohman’s family updated his status on CaringBridge.org, noting that Lohman is a private person but that people would be interested in his recovery, and that others “have been even more impacted by the tragic events.”

Photo: Facebook.com/Gregg.Lohman

“Gregg is now at the point of wanting to communicate,” the website said March 6. “We point to letters on a paper, and he nods if we have chosen the correct letter. His ability to use his fingers to tell us where the letter is on the page is remarkable. Having him be able to communicate has us floating right now.”