Khalifa Sues IMP

Wiz Khalifa filed a lawsuit against It’s My Party and Seth Hurwitz in Alexandria, Va., claiming the promoter canceled at the last minute a show at George Mason University’s Patriot Center Dec. 6.

Khalifa claims he was promised $85,000 plus a cut of ticket sales at the 10,000-capacity venue, but got neither. He’s claiming a reported $1 million in damages because the cancellation allegedly damaged his reputation, according to court documents.

I.M.P. responded with a motion to dismiss, claiming there was never a signed contract for the show. Khalifa points to advertising, marketing and sold tickets as evidence that an enforceable contract exists without the signatures. A decision on the motion to dismiss was pending at press time.

While it’s not known how many tickets were sold in advance – court documents filed by Khalifa’s attorney simply say “thousands” – the absence of a promised new album by Khalifa and slow advance sales may have played a role in the cancellation, though neither side will confirm the number of presales.

“Well, as everyone knows, there are two sides to every story, but we’d rather not comment on this publicly,” I.M.P. spokeswoman Audrey Fix Schaefer told Pollstar.