Music Church Lawsuit Seeks Millions

The attorney representing the Church of Universal Love and Music in Bullskin Township, Pa., and some of its members in a lawsuit stemming from an alleged illegal drug raid during a church event in 2009 will seek $2 million in damages if the case goes to trial.

Fayette County officials secured a search warrant for law enforcement to raid “Funk Fest” held at William Pritts’ property in August 2009, which resulted in 23 arrests and the seizure of hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, marijuana and large quality of drug paraphernalia.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Gregory Koerner alleges the raid was retaliation by county officials for losing a previous religious freedom lawsuit filed by Pritts going back about seven years.

Last summer a federal judge ruled the search warrant obtained for “Funk Fest” was unconstitutional because it wasn’t supported by probable cause, but that Fayette County wasn’t liable for the illegal search warrant.

A trial date has been set for July 22, according to the Herald-Standard.