Shakira’s Ex Sues – Again

Shakira’s personal and financial life – including details of her $300 million, 360 deal with Live Nation – continue to get a public airing by ex-boyfriend and alleged manager Antonio de la Rua, who has filed a $100 million suit against the Colombian superstar in Los Angeles April 12.

The suit is reportedly a response to a “preemptive” suit filed by Shakira against him in the Bahamas. And he’s previously filed a $250 million claim against her in Manhattan Supreme Court in New York, which Shakira has asked a judge to dismiss.

De la Rua, the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua, claims Shakira asked him to take over control of the business of the “Shakira brand” in 2004, and they have an oral agreement that he would be entitled to a percentage of profit for his marketing efforts and business acumen.

Among other claims, De la Rua says in court papers that he is responsible for “originating a blockbuster 10-year deal with Live Nation worth more than $300 million.”

When the couple split in 2010, the complaint alleges Shakira “specifically asked de la Rua to continue their business relationship.”  De la Rua also says he met twice with “the CEO of Live Nation,” without naming CEO Michael Rapino, and assured Live Nation all was well.

But in 2011, “an issue arose that could have jeopardized the Partnership’s long-term relationship with Live Nation,” and de la Rua claims to have met personally with the LN CEO to smooth things over. “After months of work, the crisis was ultimately resolved,” the complaint says.

Two weeks after the “crisis” was averted, de la Rua alleges, Shakira “terminated” him without warning.

“From that day, [Shakira] has wrongfully refused to pay de la Rua his percentage of the profits of the Partnership for 2011 or the value of this share of the Partnership upon dissolution,” the complaint states. “Her actions have left de la Rua with no choice but to initiate suit.”

The suit seeks to recover damages for breach of an oral partnership or joint venture agreement, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment, among other charges. De la Rua also seeks pre- and post-judgment interest and an accounting.