Prince Price Problems?

The opportunity to see Prince in an intimate setting doesn’t come around very often and when it does, you can bet it won’t come cheap.

One venue on the Purple One’s current West Coast tour almost learned that the hard way, as high-priced tickets for a four-show stand left the theatre scrambling to fill capacity.

Prince signed on to play four concerts over two nights at the 1,250-capacity Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, and tickets to the exclusive shows were set at $275.

As the days ticked down to show time, the concerts were in danger of being under-attended, according to the Vancouver Sun. The Vogue created a two-for-one deal for newsletter subscribers that reinvigorated sales, but also may have irked fans who’d coughed up cash early for tickets.

The venue also gifted 100 free tickets for Prince’s slow-selling late performances to a local restaurateur to sell for charity, the Sun said, with some tickets going for as low as $50.