Girls Idols To Ozz

A month before the first-ever Ozzfest in Japan, the weekend hard rock festival has added six new Japanese acts, including Momoiro Clover Z, a five-girl idol group that is probably the hottest ticket in Japan right now and the last band one might expect to appear at a metal gig.

Or maybe not. Originally composed of students and dubbed a “weekend band,’ since all the members had to go to school during the week, the group followed the AKB48 formula of allowing contact with fans after gigs, many of which were akin to street performances.

Over a period of two years, the group’s stage show became increasingly sophisticated, incorporating elements of science fiction and anime, not to mention acrobatics and intense choreography. Fans emphasize that the girls never lip sync when performing live.

The group’s sudden popularity in the last year has attracted the attention of some of Japan’s biggest songwriters, who have offered them original compositions. As a result Momoclo’s repertoire has broadened significantly, from standard idol bubblebum pop to heavy metal, which may explain the invitation to Ozzfest.

In any event, the costumes they plan to wear to the show will help them fit right in: peach-colored (momo-iro) jumpsuits and masks all covered with metal spikes.

In other festival news, Fuji Rock added 15 new acts last week, including Boys Noize, David Murray and Macy Gray, Diiv, The Gaslamp Killer, and The Sea and Cake.