Mel B In Court Tussle

Spice Girl Mel B(rown) is embroiled in legal action in Australia, where she’s been a judge for free-to-air Channel 7’s local version of “The X Factor.” Earlier this year, she jumped to Nine Network’s “Australia’s Got Talent.” 

Seven applied for an injunction claiming breach of contract. It wanted the New South Wales Supreme Court to prevent her from working for Nine. Seven’s head of production, Brad Lyons, testified that Brown’s husband Stephen Belafonte advised him in January that the fathers of two of her three children – one being Eddie Murphy, the other dancer Jimmy Gulzar –  were refusing to allow them to stay in Australia, and that she had to remain in Los Angeles.

Justice David Hammerschlag described the battle as “people wanting more money.” He stopped Brown from appearing on any other channel than Seven until January. Nine’s lawyers said Seven was “hurting” their client.