Paul Gourlie Dies

Paul Gourlie, 37, agent at The Agency Group in Canada, died from cystic fibrosis May 10.

“Paul joined us at TAG Toronto in 1999,” TAG senior VP Jack Ross said. “Colin Lewis brought him to Ralph (James) and I, we immediately hired him and so began one of the most inspirational relationships of our lives.

“You see Paul knew how precious life is and he strived to make the most of every day. He inspired everyone at our office with his will to live and appreciation of life. Paul loved being an agent, he loved working with artists and he loved putting on shows.” 

Gourlie had cystic fibrosis his entire life and was expected to die at 20, the statement said. Funeral arrangements were to be announced soon.

“Paul was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known,” blogger Christina Storch said. “From the time I started working with him, as a shy and quiet 22 year-old receptionist, he would always go out of his way to make conversation with me (even that time I was still learning everyone’s names and called him Colin by mistake). Paul was the kind of guy who would make time to stop by the desks and offices of everyone to check in and say hello. It didn’t matter if you were an intern or the CEO, he was genuinely interested in what you had going on.”