Pointfest, Not Jointfest

Missouri may be the “Show Me State,” but one marijuana advocacy group claims that Live Nation and its St. Louis-area Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre refused to show it a permit for an information booth at a radio festival May 12.

The group, which promotes marijuana law reform and eventual legalization, hoped to operate a vendor booth at radio station KPNT-FM’s Pointfest on Mother’s Day. Instead, it says it was informed May 9 that Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre rejected its vendor application.

“People are just afraid of this issue a lot of the time,” John Payne, Show-Me Cannabis executive director, told Riverfront Times. “It perpetuates this fear that people have … And then no one talks about it and it gets worse.”

Payne told the paper that Show-Me Cannabis advertises on KPNT (“The Point”) and was coordinating plans for a booth with the station, even sending in a payment that has since been refunded. The group reportedly would have been handing out literature, talking to fans and selling merchandise with a pro-pot message.

The Point, an alternative rock station, presumably attracts a demographic receptive to the group’s educational efforts. Bands appearing on the Pointfest lineup included Papa Roach, Alice In Chains, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, Sick Puppies, P.O.D., and Halestorm.

Amphitheatre GM D.J. Lindfors told Payne that he “was concerned that allowing a booth advocating marijuana legalization would strain the amphitheatre’s relationship with the city and its police force, many of whom the venue employs as part-time security,” the Times reported.

Payne said he spoke with Maryland Heights, Mo., police officials, who told him they would not shut down the group’s booth, and agreeing it has a First Amendment right to advocate for legalization.

A Live Nation spokeswoman did not respond to a request for clarification or comment from Pollstar.

At least 20 states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana possession for personal or medical use. Missouri has not.