Ciara Gets Served Onstage

Ciara was served with legal papers during her performance on the main stage at the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade June 8 after allegedly backing out of a performance at The Factory in West Hollywood the night before.

The club says Ciara inked a $10,000 contract to appear at The Factory June 7. The venue claims Ciara said that restrictions in the contract with Gay Pride organizers prevented her from performing at The Factory but an appearance would be OK, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ.  Ciara reportedly nixed that Factory appearance altogether June 3.

Ciara’s representatives told TMZ that The Factory continued to promote her appearance even after being told she wouldn’t be there. Ciara is repped by CAA.

Ciara was served the papers while onstage, bending down during her performance to see what she must have thought was a fan in the front row. Upon learning she wasn’t getting a love letter, she quickly passes the papers back. And, as with just about anything that happens in public, there’s video.

A person can be seen in the video turning to the camera and saying, “She got served.”