Journalist Chet Flippo Dies

Chet Flippo, a giant in the world of music journalism and editorial director of Country Music Telvision, died in Nashville June 19.

Flippo, 69, was an early and legendary rock critic for Rolling Stone, author of seven books and a fierce advocate of country music.

He wrote extensively about The Rolling Stones, including an RS cover story called “Shattered” that earned him an angry confrontation by Mick Jagger in 1978. He wrote “Your Cheatin’ Heart: A Biography of Hank Williams” and wrote for publications from Texas Monthly to the New York Times.

Flippo joined CMT in 2001 as editorial director, interviewed artists, oversaw music content of CMT programming and wrote the regular “Nashville Skyline” column for the CMT website.

He received the Country Music Association’s CMT Media Award and the Charlie Lamb Award for excellence in country music journalism. 

“This is a stunning loss to all of us,” said CMT President Brian Phillips. “Chet was a stoic Texan, fiercely loyal and intensely private.  … for all, it was a terrific privilege to work with Chet Flippo.”