Fuzzy Drops Parklife,
Adds Listen Out

Australian festival promoter Fuzzy announced it has dropped its Parklife festival in favour of a “boutique dance music event” called Listen Out.

Listen Out will hit four cities Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, with headliners Disclosure and Azealia Banks.

Fuzzy’s announcement drew a rebuke from festival organizer Astral People, which is bringing boutique festival OutsideIn back for a second year.

In an angry outburst, Astral People accused Fuzzy of stealing its concept and logo.

“To see others now blatantly rip off what we’re trying to do is not just an insult to us but more so an insult to the intelligence of patrons and music lovers alike,” Astral People’s statement read. “If you think that copying a logo and rebranding your festival is enough to win over fans then you’re sadly mistaken. Our fans know good music.” 

Fuzzy’s John Wall responded that he was not out to hurt anyone else’s business, that the two festivals were vastly different and that his new logo was aligned to Parklife’s.