Street Fightin’ Men & Women

Do more fights break out at, say, concerts by country stars than at heavy metal shows?  Is a punk rocker more likely to throw down than a Justin Bieber fan?  From your own experiences, do you think fans of any particular music genre are quicker with their fists than others?

On Monday we posted an Associated Press report about Pittsburgh police responding to “at least 10 large fights” at a Kenny Chesney concert along with a cell-phone video of one of the alleged incidents of fisticuffs.  In response, one reader – Mark Mellberg – remarked that security guards at metal shows treat fans “like the president is coming” and cited a friend who works security as saying “country fans are the worst behaved fans of all.”

Mellberg’s comments got us to thinking – Are fans of one genre more apt to mix it up than fans of other musical stylings?  If so, which genres? 

We’re turning to you for the answers because even though we’re sure you’re law-abiding peaceful concert aficionados, we’re betting that you’ve seen more than the occasional music fan put up his or her dukes.

So please take a moment to participate in our totally unscientific opt-in poll regarding violence at concerts and add your comments in the thread below.