Fans Stiffed In K-Pop Cancellation

K-pop fans in Vietnam are up in arms over the lack of ticket refunds for a canceled concert.

Photo: AP Photo
Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul, South Korea

The 2013 Asia Super Showcase, which was to feature several top Korean pop acts, was postponed in April when the Korean partner in the event said the schedules of three of the artists hadn’t been finalized yet. At that point, Vietnamese fans had already bought hundreds of tickets ranging in price from an equivalent of $40 to $150.

Three months later there still hasn’t been any announcement of a planned concert. The local promoter, Vesta Communications, told ticketholders in April that it would reimburse them “as soon as possible,” according to Tuoi Tre News, but they never heard anything more until July 4, when the promoter said that, as the tickets were sold through local fansites, they didn’t have a responsibility to carry out reimbursement.

Tuoi Tre reports that all attempts to contact the promoter since then have been fruitless.