Positivus Approach To Summer Sound

Getting the team behind Positivus Festival on board appears to have done the trick for Latvia’s Summer Sound, which doubled its crowd from 10,000 to 20,000. Summer Sound is in its third year at Liepaja, which is on the Baltic coast and is Latvia’s third-largest city.

It takes place mainly on the beach but spreads into the centre of Liepaja, making it more of a city festival.

Photo: facebook.com/PositivusFestival

Summer Sound was founded by Uldis Akselrods, who ran it for two years before bringing in the Positivus people. They booked the headliners, handled the production and ran the festival’s marketing campaign.

“We’re not looking to copy Positivus, we see this festival in future much more as pop and dance music festival,” said marketing manager Janis Vitkovskis.

Positivus, which is on a picturesque site at Salacgriva, last year attracted 25,000 per day.

The acts helping to put Summer Sound on the Baltic festival map July 12-13 included MikaAloe Blacc, Brainstorm, The Sound Poets, Pienvedeja Adventures, and Igo.