Woman Sues Claiming Rape At Outside Lands

A woman who claims she was raped at last year’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco is suing the organizers and the city.

The lawsuit claims the woman was assaulted in a “wooded area” within the concerts grounds by an unknown number of assailants, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The alleged assault took place Aug. 11, the second day of of the festival. She is suing the city for lax security.

The organizers of Outside Lands are Another Planet, Superfly Presents and Starr Hill Presents. “Despite the fact that the assault occurred over a long period and plaintiff resisted, no Outside Lands security personnel came to her aid in any way,” the lawsuit says. It contrasts that with the “Draconian” efforts to keep gate jumpers away. “The safety and security of our patrons and staff is always an important concern,” a festival spokesman told Pollstar. “We are aware of the lawsuit, but due to pending litigation we can’t comment further.”

Three attendees of last year’s event told police they had been sexually assaulted but police said that in every case the victims did not remember many details because of intoxication, according to the Examiner.

Police reiterated that reports of sexual assaults at the festival are rare. Last year’s event had a daily attendance of approximately 60,000.