Hallett Says Tickets Too Cheap

AEG Live UK promoter Rob Hallett reckons the flourishing secondary market shows that promoters aren’t charging enough for tickets.

In an interview with Music Week, Hallett said many shows are “underpriced” and that fans will need to get used to paying a little more for their tickets.

“If you buy a car for £5k and someone comes along and offers you £10k for it, you go, ‘That’s a great profit, you’ve made £5k – well done,” he said.

“A ticket is a commodity like any other.”

Accepts the award for international promoter of the year at the 19th Pollstar Awards

Hallett says the amounts being made on the secondary market suggests the promoter wasn’t charging enough in the first place.

He also said escalating show costs mean it’s hard to keep the ticket prices at their current levels.

“If you go to a show you’ve paid £100 to see and there’s giant video screens and 100 dancers and people coming out the ceiling and pyro you go, ‘wow that was great.’ “But if you’ve paid £100 and you’ve got five kids jumping up and down going: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ with a couple of spotlights on them you’re going to think, ‘I’ve been ripped off,” he explained.

He also said his company did “extremely well” at its first summer promoting shows in London’s Hyde Park, to which Live Nation previously held the contract.

“Nothing sold out this summer – everyone who tells you, aside from Glastonbury, their summer events sold out is probably not telling the truth,” he said.