Lake Havasu Promoter Arrested Again

A promoter whose arrest led to the subsequent cancellation of a Labor Day Weekend festival in Arizona was arrested a second time days later when police discovered he went ahead with an event sans permit.

Endless Summer organizer Brian Mossman’s permit was denied in the leadup to the event after police arrested him for marijuana possession along with an associate who’d previously been arrested for dealing drugs.

With no permit in hand, Mossman apparently decided to move the fest to Lake Havasu City’s Island Inn and called it a “pool party,” according to the local News-Herald.

Undercover police who’d been tipped off to the party were reportedly charged $20 admission fees, issued wristbands for the bar and able to walk into the event with open cans of beer.

Inside the party, police seized two boxes of wristbands, a plastic bag and napkins containing traces what was believed to be molly, or ecstasy, and $2,851 cash, the News-Herald said.

Mossman was arrested and faces numerous charges including possession of drugs for sale, selling liquor without a license, and furnishing alcohol to a minor, among others.

Attendance was estimated at about 150 people, the News-Herald noted. Mossman previously told the paper he planned to sue the city as he’d spent more than “$150,000 to produce the event. All of the vendors are really upset.

I put so much effort into it, and that (arrest) was a personal issue. … I see it as a totally separate issue. They (officials) are saying it is a public safety issue for the people of Lake Havasu City that I had a small amount of pot.”